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  Mother Bedford refers to a part of the region in south-central Pennsylvania which was erected as a county on 09 March 1771 out of lands obtained by treaty from the Indians in 1754 and 1768. The region had originally been formed as Barree, Bedford, Colerain and Cumberland Valley Townships within Cumberland County (in 1767).

  When Bedford County was erected out of Cumberland County in 1771, she encompassed the present-day counties of Huntingdon, Fulton, Blair, Bedford, Cambria, Somerset, Westmoreland, Fayette, Washington and Greene, along with portions of the present-day counties of Centre, Indiana, Armstrong, Allegheny and Beaver.

  In 1773 the county of Westmoreland was erected out of the western half of Bedford. The county which retained the name of ‘Bedford’ was left with the region encompasssed by present-day Huntingdon, Fulton, Blair, Bedford, Cambria and Somerset counties. It is that region that is Mother Bedford.

  Mother Bedford and the
American Revolutionary War

  The Bedford County Resolves
  The Battalions
  Veterans of Mother Bedford
  The Engagement Of Frankstown
  The Massacre Of Philips' Rangers
  The Tory Expedition To Kittanning
  Hessians Buried In Bedford County
  The Frontier Patriots Chapter, SAR
  The Colonel John Proctor Chapter, DAR
  The Class Tax Of 1782
  A Time Line Of The American Revolutionary War, Noting Events In Provincial Pennsylvania's Counties
  Calendars Of The American Revolutionary War Years
  Fort Bedford's Flag
  The Liberty Pole
  The Jersey And Other Horrors ~ British Prison Ships
  The Articles Of Association
  Patriot Flags Of The American Revolutionary War
  Photo Gallery ~ Evidence Of The American Revolutionary War In Mother Bedford
  The Music Of The 1770s
 Rosters Of Patriots Of The American Revolutionary War From Bedford County

 The Authentic Muster Roll of Captain Jacob Hendershot's Company

 The Irish, Scottish, Welsh And Ulster-Scot Patriots
  A Chronology Of The American Revolutionary War
  An Ordinance For Regulating The Cloathing Department For The Armies Of The United States
  The Attempt To Win Over The Hessians
  The Mutiny Of The Pennsylvania Line
  The Pox: Ten Times More Terrible Than Britons, Canadians And Indians Together
  Cannon: A Review Of Artillery Of The American Revolutionary War
  The Black Patriots
  John Hains' Letter ~ From Camp At Race town June the 24th 1758
  Documents Of Bedford County During The American Revolutionary War
  Historical Documents Of The United States Of America
  The Time That Has Elapsed Since Certain Revolutionary War Events Occurred

This website is dedicated to the memory of the native sons
of Mother Bedford
who embraced the Patriot Cause
during the American Revolutionary War,
and to the memory
of those Patriots who chose to reside
in Bedford County following the War.

 The Early Settlers
of Mother Bedford

  The Lineage Of Mother Bedford
  The Indian Occupation Of Mother Bedford
  Maps Revealing The Formation Of The Townships Of Bedford County
  The Tax Assessments Of Bedford County During The American Revolutionary War
  The Germans
  The Ulster Scots
  Bedford County Everyday Life
  Everyday Life In Mother Bedford Revealed Through Estate Inventories
  The Coming Of The Euro-Americans
  The Glass Tax of 1798
  The Celebration Of Christmas
  The Holidays Celebrated In Colonial America
  The Occupations, Professions & Offices Of Our Colonial Ancestors

  Patriotism and How
The American Revolutionary War
Affected Mother Bedford

  Flag Etiquette
  Who Were The Pioneers Of Bedford County Who Became Americans In The Revolutionary War?
  George Washington Slept Here
  The Declaration Of Independence
  The Whiskey Rebellion
  The Sons Of Liberty & Committees Of Correspondence
  George Washington: A Memorial On The Eve Of The 200th Anniversary Of his Death
  The Presidency ~ Prior To, & Including, Washington

  A Museum Of Antiques, Historical Artifacts, & Everyday Items
  Archived MotherBedford Blog Pages
  United States Military History Webring Home Page
  Genealogical & Historical Research In Old~Bedford County
  Scottish Lore
  A History Of Clan Muirhead
  A Genealogical Book Of Hours
  The Sesquicentennial Of Blair County
  Historical Societies Of Mother Bedford
  Deciphering All The Cousins
  The Old-Greenfield Township Historical Society Home Page
  Links To Other Sites Related To Mother Bedford & The American Revolutionary War
  Mother Bedford's Search Page (Link to search engines)
  Mother Bedford Webrings Page
  Mother Bedford Awards Page
  Website Creation Made Easy
  Mother Bedford's Virus Alert Page
  Mother Bedford's Bibliography
  A Memorial Page
  Alchemy ~ and other metaphysical studies


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